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Grandmas Kitchen Secrets

My Mum’s Recipes were her Grandmas Kitchen Secrets &  her Recipes are for old fashion cooking & they are the ones we love going Home for!

My mothers cooking began many years ago at about the age of ten using her Grandmas Kitchen Secrets. She was the third eldest of ten children and the older children had chores to do in the dairy and my mums was in the kitchen.

She had a wonderful old bakers oven to use; it was an antique piece, she use to tell herself and that one day it would be worth a lot of money!
The oven was set in a solid brick wall and had a large metal arched door on the inside of the kitchen and another metal door on the outside of the house which was where the wood was pushed thru to keep the oven burning.

Beside the bakers oven stood a wood stove, it was black metal and highly polished! Three large polished black kettles stood on top of the stove with a wood fire burning in the fire box underneath. Then below that was an oven which was where the meat was cooked.

My mothers cooking incorporated many of  Grandmas Kitchen Secrets with old fashioned recipes that she still cooks for her family today.

She tells a story about when she was twelve years old and was asked to bake something in cooking class for the other class teachers to have for morning tea; she decided to make ginger bread and went about preparing and cooking it. Once it was cooked she had to wait for it to cool so it could be buttered for the teachers to eat.

Later that day my mum was called to the head masters office, thinking she was in trouble, she nervously made her way to the office trying to work out what she had done, only to be very surprised by being congratulated and given high marks for her ginger bread!

My mothers cooking goes back to the early days when cooking was done in bulk as they lived on a farm and had to feed up to ten shearers/ farm hands as well as the family. The main foods were soups and casseroles served with home made freshly baked bread.

Harvest time was a bit different, the meals cooked and served then were cooked cold meats and plenty of home grown salad vegetables and ice cold home made lemonade.

My mum often turns to her very first cook book which is well over fifty years old now and finds a recipe that she hasn’t made in awhile and thinks to herself, yes, I will cook this one today! It may be a soup, casserole or a pudding that she may decide to cook; no matter what tho, it is always good….

My mothers cooking books are vast today, but she still loves to go back to a time when things were tough but in many ways much simpler than today. Her family is grown now but still come home for her old time favourites. Even the grandchildren always ask, ” is there more grandma?”

As far as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with the old fashioned meat and vegetable meals especially with my mums creamy mashed potato. Now she is a great grandma herself which means another generation will get to enjoy Grandmas Kitchen Secrets through my mothers cooking & becoming my mum’s recipes.